Promotion through radio has been a viable advertising option for over 80 years.

Radio advertising can be very effective in increasing market awareness and sales for businesses running ad spots on a scheduled, recurring basis.

In Many ways though, radio has the same challenges as television advertising, namely, a mass medium that is not highly targeted and offers little opportunity to track responses. But unlike television, radio presents the additional disadvantage of limiting advertisers to audio-only advertising.

For some products advertising without visual support is not effective. There is a solution however. Many radio stations are finding that offering a combination of radio spot ads and printed/online ads- increases the life span of the advertisement, thus increasing the exposure to the target audience from 30 seconds to 30 days or more.

Increase revenue with your own Online Classified Ad Website. This type of website will be visited by every population demographic; men, women, teens, housewives, students, business owners everyone- not just your target audience.


  • Increase the Effectiveness of Radio Ads
  • Give Listeners an Added Service
  • Set Yourself Apart from Other Local Sations
  • Increase Revenue
  • And So Much More...

The platform will offer free ads for everyone- with opportunities of making ads stand out by adding extra images or making the ad featured on a certain page or category- for additional fees.

This will bring a huge audience to the website- as regular posting of ads is free.

Your advertisers will benefit with the extra traffic generated by this website.

Our RevenuePlus® Radio Station Marketing Program gives your advertisers a big advantage when they advertise with you; ads appear longer with more specific targeting- and they can track results not normally offered thru radio media.

A radio ad can be a very effective way of advertising for many types of businesses. However a radio spot plays for 30 seconds or less and then it is gone.

Printed or online advertisements can deliver true consumer engagement. When a person reads an advertisement it’s because they choose to do so. They give their full attention to your message and will remember you when they need your product or service. Online advertising carries an additional benefit- TRACKING.

Online ads can give you performance metrics unavailable in radio advertising. For example- you can track how many people ( unique visitors) saw your online ad; what time of day they viewed it; how many clicked thru the ad to go to your website or social media page for more information- and if you run several online ads- which one performed better.

Increase Revenue With Your Own Online Classified Ad Website


How it Benefits You and Your Advertisers


A free classified ads website normally has thousands of pages ( each classified post is a page) and all these pages are platforms for potential advertisements. The majority of the revenue of your classified ad website comes from the ads being displayed on these pages.

Not only can your radio advertisers expand their market by including ads on the classified portal, you can also benefit from ads placed by classified ad website visitors who want to promote their own businesses. They in turn are potential radio advertisers!


Radio spot advertising can be very effective, but it's not in front of potential customers all the time. If somebody experiences a leak and needs to contact a plumber, they're not going to turn their on radio and wait until they hear an ad for one. By having the advertisers also include their ads on the classified portal, their potential customers can find them anytime they need them.

The Classified Ad Portal also gives advertisers real visitor stats- each online advertiser gets a link to their own web stats page where they can see number of eyeballs that saw their online ad and the number of those that clicked thru to their company website for more info.