The RevenuePlus Marketing Model

PrimeCast Digital has built a platform especially designed for radio stations- called RevenuePlus; that offers them a way to increase the ad spot revenue generated by bundling  value added online ads- as well as stand-alone online ads and miscellaneous revenue described in detail below.

The perfect platform for this is the Online Classified  Ad Website. This type of website is visited by every population demographic; men, women, teens, housewives, students, business owners- everyone. The platform will offer free ads for everyone- with opportunities of making ads stand out by adding extra images or making the ad featured on a certain page or category- for additional fees. This will bring a huge audience to the website- as regular posting of ads is free.

We will design and deploy a powerful, enterprise grade online classified ads platform-

and provide it to the radio station for a one time set up fee of only $149.00-


How will your website be promoted?  Three ways:

 1)  Search engine search results 

2) The radio station enrolled in this program will commit to providing radio spots aired thruout the day, encouraging listeners go visit the website. These spots will in themselves be value added services for radio advertisers, and you are in effect driving listeners to the website where they can see your advertisers online ads.

3) We will add web links to the Classified Portal on your current radio station website, further driving traffic, not only to the Classified Portal, but to your website as well.